Pay a Virtual Visit to the Senate

No need to travel to Brussels to stroll the corridors and rooms of the Senate. Click on the banner above and follow the animated images of the virtual tour. Or choose your own track.
Make sure you hover your cursor over objects. Underneath many of them extra information is to be found.
The same information is listed below.

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The virtual tour

List of objects that can be selected in the virtual tour

Place de la Nation - Natieplein


Peristyle - Senate

Honorary Staircase


Presidential Staircase

Committees’ Corridor - Front

Committees’ Corridor - Back

Committee Room B

Committee Room D

Hemicycle - Public Stand

Hemicycle - Centre

Hemicycle - Left

Hemicycle - Right

Hemicycle - Presidency

Reading Room - Right

Reading Room - Left

Beige Room - Centre

Beige Room - Left

Beige Room - Right

Green Room

Red Room - Front

Red Room - Centre

Red Room - Back

Former Smoking Room

The virtual tour