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Belgium's Federal Parliament is made up of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The parliament reflects the wide range of views held by the Belgian people. The Federal Parliament makes legislations that regulate the social relationships in our country. It also monitors the activities of the Federal Government.

As Chairman of the Belgian Senate, I hope the information we provide on the World Wide Web will contribute to greater openness as this is essential to parliamentary democracy.

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Pay a virtual visit to the Senate

Pay a Virtual Visit to the Senate

Information Brochure

Information Brochure

Jean-Paul Wahl,
Speaker of the Belgian Senate

Brochures about the federal parliament
  • The Federal Parliament of Belgium (pdf or html) This survey made by the Senate Legal Service is designed to give you in-depth information on the Parliament's organisation and activities, on the legal status of the Members of Parliament and on the election, dissolution and composition of the Federal Chambers.

  • The Visitors guide This booklet will lead you through the Federal Parliament, if you visit us during one of our Open House Activities.
Fact sheets about the Federal Parliament